London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024
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London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024
Wines of GeorgiaWines of Georgia

Wines of Georgia

Wines of Georgia

Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world.

The fertile valleys and protective slopes of the South Caucasus were home to grapevine cultivation and neolithic wine production for at least 8000 years.The roots of Georgian viticulture have been traced back by archeology to when people of the South Caucasus discovered that wild grape juice turned into wine when it was left buried through the winter in a shallow pit.

Wine is so deeply embedded in the Georgian identity that to talk of Georgian wine culture is to talk of Georgia itself. Thanks to their distinctive grape-growing terroirs and 8,000-year history of winemaking, Georgians have cultivated not just vines but a world-class wine culture.

Taste wines at Georgian Pavillion E-40.



London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024
London Wine Fair 2024
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