London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024
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London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024

Jörg Geiger Ltd

Jörg Geiger Ltd, is the UK arm of Manufaktur Jörg Geiger based in Germany, a licensed distillery and fine drinks manufacturer established in 2003,.

Mr. Jörg Geiger is a trained chef and identified a need for more sophisticated, adult, non-alcoholic drinks to complement and enhance fine dining experiences. For over 20 years, he is widely recognised as a pioneer in this field.

Jörg sources numerous rare apple, pear and meadow fruit varieties grown in the Swabian Alps, a UNESCO heritage site in Southeast Germany, to create his award-winning artisan drinks – along with innovative dealcoholisation of Organic Red and White Wines for food pairing.

Jörg and his specialist team have been perfecting their creations since 2003 in the town of Schlat. This region is renowned for its array of heritage fruits, and this is where Jörg has spearheaded artisanal drink production that is now present in over 70% of fine dining establishments in Germany.

Our carefully crafted assortment consists of:

- Red and White Wines | where the alcohol is carefully removed under vacuum to protect the delicate flavour profiles and mouth feel.

- Sparkling White Wines | a true non-alcoholic alternative.

- Copper Distilled Virgin Long Drinks | offering a depth of flavour and nuance.

- Meadow Fruit Classics | blended with Swabian herbs, spices and botanicals.

We are pleased to showcase these truly revolution non-alcoholic drinks to the UK gourmet and fine dining sector.



Blanc de Blanc

BLANC DE BLANC with Chardonnay

This extraordinary composition is the result of many years of consideration to create an equal complement to our esteemed Champagne Bratbirne. We are not just presenting you with a drink, but a vision: non-alcoholic enjoyment at Michelin star level.

Jörg Geiger‘s ‘Blanc de Blanc’ is a tribute to the sophistication and ambition of taking non-alcoholic alternatives to a new level.

Selected from high-quality organic wines from the mature vintages of the Chardonnay and Colombard grape varieties and refined with a fine dosage of gooseberry and mandarin juices – as well as selected herbs, flowers and spices.

Our gentle in-house vacuum distillation process carefully removes the alcohol from the wine. The result is a non-alcoholic experience that tantalises the palate with complexity and depth and creates a pleasure experience that is
unique in its class. An essential part of our ‘Blanc de Blanc’ is the usual long
lees ageing, which adds an extra dimension of flavour and finesse to every sip.

This detail underlines our commitment to quality and our endeavour to bring non-alcoholic sparkling wine to a level previously only known from our non-alcoholic Champagne Bratbirne. The ‘Blanc de Blanc’ is more than just a drink; it is an invitation to rediscover non-alcoholic enjoyment – inspired by the fine art of cuisine and with the aim of turning every occasion into a special experience.

Let Jörg Geiger take you into a world where quality, flavour and innovation go hand in hand. Experience non-alcoholic enjoyment at Michelin star level with our ‘Blanc de Blanc’.

Aroma/flavour: apple, citrus fruits and white flowers with delicate brioche notes, caramel




TEASECCO | Darjeeling Green Tea meets Meadow Fruit

Aroma: tart aroma of green tea, dried blossoms, hay and delicate yellow fruits.
Taste: delicate, fruity opening of apple and pear. The tannins of the tea in the middle piece and the subtle finish. Delicate with in-depth green tea aroma on the palate.

Pairing: as smooth aperitif, with sushi and sashimi, with delicate soft cheese.



ViSecco - Sauvignon Blanc

Appearance: warm dark straw yellow, lively, somewhat coarse perlage

Aroma: The fragrant start is pleasantly warm, characterized by vineyard peach and ripe mirabelle plum. Ethereal honey notes accompany this fruit together with a hint of exoticism. Fine woody notes and spicy sage play a complex melody in the background.

Taste: A fruit-intensive attack, as in the nose, of vineyard peach and mirabelle plum, complemented in the middle section by ethereal honey notes. The delicately sweet note is replaced by a refreshing and dry taste with fine herbaceous notes. The light minerality, delicate and fine-grained on the
palate, results in an exciting finish.

Pairing: as an aperitif or with shellfish such as prawns, vegetable dishes such as a creamy pea soup with prawns or grilled pumpkin with lamb‘s lettuce and a fruity dressing, with poultry such as chicken or turkey with rice and yellow curry.



37° Pinot Noir

We bring you our most recent innovation, Grad°Wanderung, developed in keeping with the unmistakable craftsmanship of Jörg Geiger Manufaktur.

Dealcoholized wines tend to underwhelm when compared to their alcoholic
predecessor. Although the natural wine aromas are recaptured by the aroma recovery process, some of them are involuntarily bound to the alcohol, resulting in a sensory change.

Non-alcoholic wine has always been associated with renunciation, not only of alcohol, but also with the equivalent taste and experience of alcohol based wines. This is where we welcome and embrace creating a novel alcohol-free wine, which is drier and incorporates fermentation aromas.

With over 20 years of alcohol-free experience, we craft our drinks with over 200 dry spices, 70 freshly harvested herbs and leaves, 20 flowers and home grown hydrolates. The outcome is a creation that is unique, still, and dry – perfect for food pairings.

To truly experience these unique creations, we recommend wine tasting and pairings with certain dish types.

Pairing: Fine meat dishes, mature cheese, mushroom dishes, dishes with cream sauce.

Aroma: Raspberry and cherry, delicate, multi-layered.

Taste: Red berries, fine tannins, dry.



35° Sauvignon Blanc

Pairing: Goes well with light cold starters, shellfish and crustaceans, light vegetable dishes.

Aroma: Vegetable, refreshing, peppery, yellow-fruity.

Taste: Green apple, gooseberry, dry.



Scott Lodge
Sales Manager

London Wine Fair 2024London Wine Fair 2024
London Wine Fair 2024
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