London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
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London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023

Regenerative Viticulture for wines with character: The case of Domaine Porto Carras new era

May 17, 14:30
Walk-Up Theatre

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation defines regenerative viticulture as “the capability . . . to sequester atmospheric carbon, helping mitigate climate change and global warming impacts, as well as enhance the natural environment.” The goal is to move “away from a chemical-based monocultural agriculture that is degenerative to soil and local ecosystems.”

This is exactly what is happening for the 2nd consecutive crop season in the Historical Vineyard of Domaine Porto Carras which coexists since 1963 with a pine forest of great aesthetic value and a wonderful olive grove, without forgetting the rest of the wild flora of Halkidiki, Greece which is also expressed through the Domaine’s wines (Limnio Blanc de Noirs, Malagouzia Classic, Assyrtiko Mainland, Blanc de Blancs, Chateau Le Grand Blanc, Chateau Porto Carras, Linnio, Magnus B., Syrah & Rose 5) .

The vine plants of the main grape varieties grown in Slope of Meliton mountain (PDO) of DPCne Limnio (oldest and largest vineyard in Greece), Malagouzia (oldest and largest vineyard in Greece) Assyrtiko (oldest and largest vineyard in mainland Greece) Athiri Cabernet Sauvignon(2nd oldest vineyard in Greece) Cabernet Farnc, Roditis Merlot, Syrah counts more than 55 years of life and cope with the climate change extremely well providing unique characteristics to the grapes and consequently to the wines.

London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
London Wine Fair 2023
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