London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
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London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023


Wineally is the world’s most advanced digital wine and food matcher. Co-developed by twenty sommeliers including Arvid Rosengren (Best Sommelier in the World in 2016) and Sören Polonius (director of education in ASI, the International Sommelier Association), it can pin-point the right wine to any dish. It even works if two diners are enjoying different dishes but want to share the same bottle of wine!

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Wineally for Restaurants

Improve Wine Service
With Wineally, your guests always get perfect wine and food matches.

Reduce Costs
Eliminate the need for wine experienced serving staff.

Increase Revenue and Loyalty
Happy, confident guests spend more on wine and come back sooner.


Wineally for Wine Merchants

Improve online conversion
Let online shoppers find their favorite wines in your online shop based on their food preferences.

Awesome in email marketing
Include the Wine & Food Matcher in emails to suggest three perfectly matched dishes. Recipes included.

Use your own brand
The Wine & Food Matcher is a white label solution. Use it in your online shop with your own branding!

Promote to on-trade clients
Boost your on-trade revenues and get a commission for each restaurant who signs up on your recommendation.


Wineally for Wine Producers

Create a free account
Register for a free Wine Producer account at and make your wines matchable to food in restaurants and in distributors web shops.

Increase on-trade revenues
When your restaurant customers use Wineally, guests are certain to have a perfect wine and dine experience and are more likely to re-purchase your wines.

Increase D-T-C sales
With the Wineally Wine & Food Matcher, you will sell more online, enabling online shoppers to buy your wines based on their food preferences.


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London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
London Wine Fair 2023
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